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Fast, discretion, and compassion are our hallmarks, catamount cares.

After the sirens fade, you are the one left with the chaos, the pain, and the mess! Besides blood and other bodily fluids, there may be damaged property, fingerprint dust, and chemicals. It may seem too overwhelming to know where to start- that’s where we can start.

Specializing in crime, trauma, suicide, unattended death, and odor removal

Catamount Response uses the most advanced and up to date techniques to make sure all cleanups are sanitized properly. Our primary goal is to preserve your property and return your home or business to a safe, livable condition.

24-hour emergency service available

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Trauma Clean Up

We offer 24 hour emergency services! Our well trained technicians can quickly remove sewer water, sewage and gross contaminates from inside your property. By using state of the art equipment they clean up and contain a potentially, very dangerous spill. We can also treat and sanitize all the affected areas in order to prevent the spread of biohazards, parasites and mold.

Sewage contains biohazards that can be spread to humans through skin contact and inhalation. Call our professionals to help you out if ever in this situation.