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Give your floors the shining new look they deserve with our sandless wood floor refinishing. You can count on our professionals for the skilled workmanship you need for all of your interior spaces. If your floors have only surface marring and little to no scratches, then our method is ideal for you. Catamount puts the shine back on without all the hassle of actually sanding your floor! We use all of our state-of-the-art equipment to lightly scuff the floors and then we apply three coats of finish. The finish dries quickly, usually within the hour, and you have your choice of a matt or shiny finish.

Maintain your floors yourself with these tips

Dusts mop your floors frequently and protect them from scratches and other damage with walk-off mats. Blot up any spills immediately and be sure all of your surfaces are thoroughly dry after you've finished washing them.


Avoid abrasive cleansers, as they will cause damage to your floors. Keep hot items away from direct contact with your wood surfaces.

Our additional services include:

We'll make sure your floors are the perfect candidate for our sandless wood floor refinishing with a complete assessment.

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