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Let our professional cleaners rid your mattress of dust mites with our advanced extraction methods and neutralizing sprays. Give yourself a clean place to sleep and rest by utilizing our mattress cleaning services every six months.

How to care for your bedding all year long

Don't let dust mites trigger allergies and asthma for your family. Take care of your bedding by using special mite-proof or 'allergen impermeable' covers over your pillows, and keep your bedding spotlessly clean by washing it every month.


Your sheets should be washed in hot water once a week, and if you don't use covers for your pillows, be sure to wash them at least four times a year and replace them once the year is up.

Our additional services include:

Be sure to use room air filter devices as another way to keep dust mites and allergens at bay within your home.

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Take control of the allergen irritants in your home with our help and let our professionals keep your mattress perfectly clean.