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Do you suffer from dirty air ducts? Itchy eyes? Troubled breathing? We can help you remove mold, pet hair, and pollutants from your hot/cold air duct systems and dryer vents. If you're not sure if your duct system is clean, let us come and give you a FREE inspection. We will use our flex camera to actually see what is in there and being distributed through the air that you're breathing.

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We at Catamount are professionally trained specialists in air and heat duct cleaning. We use state of the art equipment recommended by the accredited indoor air quality association. (IIQA). It thoroughly brushes and HEPA vacuums your entire duct system while under negative air. Using negative air, removes bacteria, mold, pet dander, and dust in the duct system. It is also adaptable to treat clogs and dirty dryer vents.

Our additional services include:

Ask about our electrostatic, washable filters, which are 10 times more efficient than standard disposable options. Get a lifetime warranty and experience the difference these products can make for your fresh air.


Air duct contamination and bacteria can intensify allergy and asthma symptoms. Let us help you protect your family.

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